Step 1:  Submit your Booking Enquiry online here or call us

Step 2: We will email you instructions for payment and an electronic copy of our Licence Agreement. This is the agreement for use of the room or the property if staying independently. We will answer any questions you may have and arrange a viewing if at all possible or requested. (All info and photos are on the website)

Step 3: You transfer the funds into our Bank Accounts or pay in Cash if you are present in Manchester at the time .

Step 4: We confirm the booking by sending you an email and provide you with a receipt. The booking is guaranteed, once paid for.

Step 5: You arrive in Manchester. We arrange Airport Transfers if requested and in any case will meet and greet you at the propety. We will handover the keys to your room and property and introduce you to your surroundings. We go through the formalities and paperwork and leave you with our 24/7 contact numbers and a warm drink.
Do you accommodate group bookings?

Within our own stock of pristine, centrally located, spacious and clean properties we are able to cater to Group Bookings of between 5 and 20 persons at a time. We can and will deal with larger Group bookings if requested.

We are more than happy to deal with Businesses that require a ground agent that can hand hold and facilitate the process of sending 20 individuals to Manchester to work or study.

We will ensure that each individual arrives to his chosen home safe and is transported from the Airport straight to their residence. We can upon your request provide additional services, such as local guided tours, excursions, and dietary and entertainment requirements.

We will treat each person as an individual and provide a bespoke service. Whatever your needs as a company, we are confident we will meet and exceed your expectations.

Call us and we may be able to come and collect you to view the room or property and drop you back from where we picked you up.

Yes 100 percent accurate. We do not employ professional photographers and try and give you a realistic photo!

Yes you may be able to. Ask us and we will do our best to connect you with the best deals going.

The room will cost one week rent at £100 per week and 2 days rent at £25 per day.
The total cost is £150 for 9 days.

Yes you may be able to. Ask us and we will do our best to connect you with the best deals going.

English Language Students currently Lodging with Homestay Families, Overseas Students, Academic Visitors and the Local Population

  • You are an English Language Student currently lodging with a Homestay Family.
  • You are an Overseas Student, planning to come to the UK to study the English Language.
  • You are an Overseas Student arriving to the UK for the first time to enrol on a full time degree course.
  • You are an Exchange Erasmus student looking for accommodation for one term only and cannot afford to stay in a hotel and struggling to find suitable flexible accommodation available when you arrive.
  • You are an Academic, visiting the UK to sit your professional or academic exams for a fortnight or so.
  • Your long term tenancy agreement has come to an end and have not yet found a permanent place to live and wish to have some time living in a comfortable place whilst you look for a permanent place.

Language Schools and Group Bookings, Businessmen & Professionals and Companies

  • You are a Language School that provides HomeStay accommodation to your Students. You wish to focus on the main core of your business, the provision of quality teaching.
  • You are organising a large Group Booking. You are either an institution or company looking to send their staff or members for a few weeks or months to carry out their duties or attend academic or professional seminars or courses. -You are a Businessman or Professional coming to Manchester for a few weeks or months. You need a comfortable, quiet, professional and clean environment where you can live whilst you organise your business affairs.
  • You are a Company looking to station some of your staff in Manchester for a few weeks at a time.
  • You currently live in another city, say London for example, and before braving the new step of relocating to Manchester you wish to spend your first couple of months in a comfortable place that gives you the flexibility to leave at short notice whilst you find your way around the city and locate your own long term accommodation.

We have no issue with you meeting us or sending a representative to meet us and view the property before making a payment. If you pay by cash we provide you with a receipt. If you pay by Telegraphic Bank Transfer the electronic trail is evidence of payment to us. We run a small yet unique business and are transparent and open.

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